EVENT | Jade @ RDV

May 27th, 2010

Jade ‘s IMHC Remix Listening Social taking place Wednesday, June 16th @ RdV in the Meatpacking District located @ 409 W. 13th St. btw 9th Ave & Washington.

There’s still a lot of wear left in Jade’s It’s My Heart Cookie EP from last year. All it takes is remixing to turn a slept-on album about love hangovers and heartbreak into this year’s unforgettable fling that will never leave. There’s just one string attached: don’t call her Jade, she’s going as Blind Benny, not to confuse her original name with ’90s one-hit wonders, or an awful David Caruso flick that should never see the light of TNT.

The rest of the b-sides is a rejuvenated impression of Blind Benny that we didn’t get to see in some of her more melancholy material produced by GFC-NY’s Precize and Cool Kid Chuck Inglish. She’s just putting music to the process—break up songs result in make up songs, it doesn’t take a virgin to figure that out. What she’s got on her hands with this re-introduction is seduction on wax… candles are welcome too. Look for the full length remix project this spring.”
-Richard “DJ Treats” Dryden


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