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August 26th, 2010

Being bored at work can cause you to google all sorts of things, some being “I’m bored” , “How many pieces of gum are on NYC sidewalks” and all sorts of things. As I was getting my google on I came across a site that delivers free snacks to your job Super Max Snack, just because! Awesome right?  BUT being the true NYer I am and knowing nothing is ever free, especially in NY I was a little freaked out, but I tried it anyway. Sketched out I went along and ordered it via SMS (Super Max Snack, get it? lol) with my name and address expecting a scam of some sort. Nope, they sent a confirmation text right away and said they’ll be right over with my snack. NEAT-O!  Now we wait…..

Few mintues later they sent me another text “Kirsy your MaxSnack is on its way to _____ . It should be there around 3:26pm. Enjoy”

Come 3:28pm I get a call from the delivery guy saying he’s outside with my snack! AMAZING! The guy hand delivered me a brown paper bag with a sticker on the front, he wouldn’t even let me tip him. Signed for my package and went along my way. Look at the goodies i got…

I got a Starbucks frappuccino drink, a plum and a small strawberry cheesecake! How fun is that?! Here’s what they sell you on on the website…

“It’s rough out there – the heat in the city, the economy, the oil spill, and the wars carry on. We at MaxDelivery asked ourselves – how can we make things better?

So here’s our way to brighten your day – with a FREE little pick-me-up snack, a “Super Max Snack”. It’s on us and we will deliver it right to your door ASAP. Simply send us an SMS text with your address and we’ll be right over with a little treat to bring a smile to your face.

Will it ‘tame’ the heat in NYC? Bring ‘peace’ to the Middle East? Or ‘breathe’ life into the economy?”

Definitely brought a smile to my face! Iced up my coffee and got back to work! :) Thnx Super Max Snack

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