Dear Friends…

March 29th, 2011

It seems that love has become so hard to define

So I thought I’d help and give you some hints of mine.

To inspire you to create a script of your own

And to let you know you are not alone.


Love is an amazingly interesting thing

If served up properly, it can make your heart sing.

But somehow, it seems along the way

We lost love’s real meaning, you might say!


We forgot that love is an action-not a word

To think otherwise is really absurd.

We spend a lot of time not giving love a thought

Too busy buying things, when love cannot be bought.


Love is simply kindness,truth, respect and purity

Safely, enthusiasm, understanding and sincerity.

Remember, you always have an inside mentor

Because love is the core that lives in the center.

So come on, get going and write whatever you wish

How you love your friend, family, dog or even your fish.

Think about how everyone and everything makes you feel

Let your words pave the way to become heartfelt and real.


Write, draw or print what all that love honestly means to you

And then watch how your dreams will really come true.

Love is the ONLY answer you truly need to know

For you to be blissful and for your spirit to grow.


Then peace will be created in the world and all will be right

Finally, there will be no heaviness-there will only be light.

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