I’ll Be Late For That..

First and foremost I would like to apologize for the lack of post and updating everyday, just transitioning with the weather and rearranging a few things in my personal life and blogger life. So with that said I had a amazing brunch the other day with my favorite blogger friends and got a little motivated to take care of my child (my blog duh) but other then that I love spending time with these guys, they inspire me.

The most amazing pancake and banana combination at Ideya restaurant in SoHo, yummz..

(Taken with instagram)

Of course being the typical Virgos we are B, Marcus and I all got the same thing.

West side adventures, finally meeting up with Will to complete the circle, Well technically the square since it was 4 of us right? ahh whatever lol

(Taken with instagram)

The perfect storm, B captured us brainstorming by the pier with her blackberry and sunglasses lol. Pretty dope pic

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Marcus Troy

William Yan



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  • This is really inspiring just for the simply fact that you guys had a “meeting” outside looking very relaxed but I feel like great thoughts came out of the time you all spent together.