Quick Face Detox


Long night of partying? Long night scrolling on instagram? We’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean your face (or you under eyes) have to pay for it. Here’s my quick daytime routine to help me look a little more awake.


Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Eye Patches

Tired eyes? I have just the solution. Not only do these help awaken the appearance of tired eyes by using cucumber extract to help naturally detoxify, but they nourish, hydrate and de-puff the look of skin as well. So pop these on while taking an extra 5 mins in bed or multi task and send a couple of emails all while these babies are working their magic. These aren’t your mothers cucumber slices, baby’s all grown up..

Pro-tip: Store these in the fridge for a cooling effect to really help de-puff eyes


ESARORA Ice Roller

I saw Chinae post about this ice roller on instagram and was immediately sold. I know you’ve seen a ton of those jade rollers online claiming to help prevents wrinkles and shrink pores, but the only problem with those were that they did’nt stay cool for long enough for me to feel like it was making a difference. What sold me on this particular model was the size (has to stay cooler for longer right?) but also that it wasn’t made up of fake jade. This bad boy stays cooler for longer and covers a bigger area all while getting a cooling massage on your face to help lock in your serums.

Photos by: Valine Brana